Madonna and the book

The Book of Magic Knowledge on the role of women in the future of humanity

Perhaps you do not consider yourself a superwoman and are far from mysticism. You think that you are an ordinary woman who cannot influence her fate, not to mention the fate of humanity. But that is not so! Absolutely every woman can influence our whole world, especially if she has friends among spirit guides or astral projections.

Learn why and how this happens from Madonna in the book “LIFE AFTER LIFE”, a metaphysical novel based on true accounts of reincarnation, enlightenment, and astral projection, which she recommends as a self-help manual for superwomen, and it is a real gift for mystics: the book about near-death experience was written by way of channeling - this is an amazing story of a disembodied soul told from beyond - about Life after death.

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Imagine going on a picnic. You take lots of photos, shoot videos, post all these on Instagram and other social networks. And at the end of the day, the battery in your smartphone dies. Of course, there is no source of electricity in the forest or on the beach. What do you do? The only solution is to use a power bank. It will quickly bring your phone back to life.

And what if we are not talking about a mobile phone, but about a person? Is there a power bank that can be used to return (recharge) youth, enthusiasm, health, the ability to love and forgive, and choose fortunate circumstances of life? Is there a way to figure out what the fleeting years of life are worth spending on and what treasures are really worth collecting in this increasingly unstable world? Yes, there is! “LIFE AFTER LIFE”, a metaphysical novel based on true accounts of reincarnation, enlightenment, and astral projection, speaks of this and other sacred knowledge.

What makes men unique?

It is important to remember that both those who create and those who destroy need a source of energy. And such a source for a man is precisely a woman who directs her attention towards him. That is why the man actively looks for an opportunity to plug into the most interesting, and thus energized woman.

If there is no energy, then the man becomes passive, loses interest in life, and can seek relief in alcohol, drugs, or computer games as a way to get away from this unbearable reality and become somebody, at least in his imagination, or even commit suicide, like the main character of the book... However, after reading the book “LIFE AFTER LIFE”, surely no one will want to do this. By way of channeling, the real-life protagonist tells why you should not miss unique opportunities in life. This metaphysical novel based on true accounts of reincarnation, enlightenment, and astral projection is not fiction, but a real message from the afterlife.

A healthy man who develops his abilities is always focused on action and achieving goals. In our example, he is the phone. The model may be more or less perfect, but its main purpose is to solve problems and change the world around us. Some men create this world, others, unfortunately, destroy it. Learn how to recognize what kind of man is the one who wants your attention, and why it is essential for many of your incarnations from the book “LIFE AFTER LIFE” and from Madonna at their retreats. The magical universe is a game, who and with whom you will be in this game depends on where your attention is directed.

Why did the battery die?
Why can it happen that a man has no energy and is unable to fulfill his predestination? Recall that the source of energy for a man is the attention of an energetically filled woman. Madonna reveals several reasons related specifically to women:
  • Modern women do not know how to replenish their own natural biological energy. The reason is a lack of healthy sleep, healthy food, and physical activity, and bad habits.
  • Modern women know almost nothing about how to transfer energy to a partner.
  • Modern women do not know anything about energy hygiene and methods of protection.
  • Modern women do not have a connection to natural energy sources, helper spirits, cosmic currents, or higher forces. “LIFE AFTER LIFE”, a metaphysical novel based on true accounts of reincarnation, enlightenment, and astral projection, reveals that the ability to establish contact with natural and higher forces is a unique advantage and the main purpose of women.
What makes women unique?

Madonna says that the main goal of a healthy woman is to help others. If you disagree because you do not feel it in yourself or do not see examples around, pay attention to the word “healthy”. It is the key.

If a woman is sick, anxious, or depressed, she herself needs energy support. At the end of the article, Madonna will give an effective way to get such support through a special practice. You will be able to help yourself or another woman quickly and absolutely free of charge. After all, if you were born in the body of a woman, you are God’s favorite, and Madonna will teach you to use it!

A healthy woman is a powerful source of biological energy. Judge for yourself: the female body generates such an amount of energy that it is able to create a new person - to conceive and give birth to a child. However, a wise woman is also able to draw additional energy from natural and even cosmic sources, contacting beings of the subtle world. The fact that the subtle world exists and is inhabited by intelligent and superintelligent beings ready to interact with you will become blatantly obvious to you after reading “LIFE AFTER LIFE”, a metaphysical novel based on true accounts of reincarnation, enlightenment, and astral projection.

In our example, a woman is the power bank for everyone with whom she, in one way or another, communicates. If a woman reveals her abilities correctly, then she is ready to help all the people around her. It is said that this woman has an open heart. Such a woman becomes the center of everyone’s attention. She is wanted as a partner and soulmate, she is offered public positions, she is chosen as the leader of a social movement.

If a woman fully reveals her abilities, she not only becomes a source of powerful energy, but also a source of knowledge for other women. She is able to accept sacred knowledge from beings of the subtle world and become part of the sacred circle of Women of Power. Such women are happy to share their own experience of how to generate, transform, and direct energy to improve their lives and the life of humanity as a whole.

become a woman of power

The book “LIFE AFTER LIFE” introduces several representatives of the Circle of Women of Power who, right on the pages of the book, discover sacred techniques to heal, harmonize relationships, succeed in business, protect from negativity, and much more. Thanks to continuous spiritual practice, during their lifetime, Women of Power have the opportunity to contact beings of the subtle world, which is revealed to all people only after death, and receive knowledge and energy not only for themselves, but also for other people. One of these Women of Power is Madonna, who received wise training in her youth and became the successor of the traditions of temple priestesses.

At her retreats, you will gain practical experience in the use of these sacred techniques, and even become a Woman of Power after a special initiation.
Help from beyond
Have you ever suddenly felt a surge of strength, a sense of security, an instinct of how to act in difficult circumstances? Perhaps a hand that was raised for a blow suddenly lowered, or a person that was being aggressive to you suddenly became indifferent? Surely you felt that it was not accidental, but you could not see the true reason. “LIFE AFTER LIFE”, a metaphysical novel based on true accounts of reincarnation, enlightenment, and astral projection, reveals the secret of who your guardian angels really are, with whom and how they literally fight, stopping aggression and other dangers threatening you.
At Madonna’s retreats, you will also establish contact with beings of the subtle world and find their protection and patronage, just like the characters of the book “LIFE AFTER LIFE”.
“Just imagine that every person on Earth will receive such protection from negativity and an influx of positive bright constructive energy: politicians, soldiers, judges, businessmen, policemen, doctors, teachers, confectioners - everyone will get rid of the obsession of destructive forces and receive a portion of warmth that they will pass through their hearts and do something kind and really useful for the future of the Earth.
Can you imagine that? And that is truly possible! Thanks to thousands of women who have received wise knowledge and energy support through the book “LIFE AFTER LIFE” and in Madonna’s seminars. Women bring photos of their relatives and friends to classes and consultations, asking for a ritual for them, or asking to choose an amulet that can change unfortunate circumstances to protect and heal them”
“LIFE AFTER LIFE”, a metaphysical novel based on true accounts of reincarnation, enlightenment, and astral projection, reveals one very important secret: if a woman works on herself, then the energy she receives during classes spreads to everyone she comes into contact with. That is, she herself becomes a source of light energy and helps her relatives and friends to become healthier, richer, more successful, and happier.
Even by just reading the book “LIFE AFTER LIFE”, which itself is a powerful source of transformative energy, you will change yourself for the better. And through you, everything around you will also change - this is how the cosmic law works.

“When I first read the book “LIFE AFTER LIFE”, my mother was 85 years old, and for 44 years she had used hearing aids. Also, among her multiple illnesses was the ‘incurable’ lung emphysema. I write this word in quotation marks because after I read the book and began to study at Madonna’s seminars, I stopped perceiving all diagnoses as something fatal and unchangeable.

But at that time, without my miraculous practices, rituals, and seminars, my mother was literally dying. I couldn’t watch her suffer from constant pain, and I bought very expensive powerful medications that relieved her suffering for only a short period of time.

The insurance did not fully cover the treatment, and at some point I found myself in a difficult financial situation. And that’s when, I don’t know why, I decided to buy the book “LIFE AFTER LIFE”. Suddenly came the certainty that I would not just give away my money, but sacrifice my laziness, and the money would not go into someone’s pocket, but to charity! What, if not this, can really help?

Now I’m crying out of happiness! And I thank God that I have read this magnificent wise book! Today I talked to my beloved mom on the phone, and she could hear me perfectly! For hearing people, this is not surprising, and until recently my mother could barely hear even with two hearing aids. And, oh my God! Mom took off the first device while I was reading “LIFE AFTER LIFE”, and the second one after I went through the karma purification ritual at Madonna’s seminar. Now she can hear without them!

Most importantly, she has stopped suffering from pain, she is breathing freely, she is smiling, dreaming of going to the sea. And I have already found such a nice job, or rather it found me, that her dream will definitely come true!”


Maria, Miami

“Quick battery charging” practice
(for women only)
Madonna shares an effective practice from the book “LIFE AFTER LIFE”, which is able to connect a woman to an inexhaustible source of energy. It is like connecting your phone to an electrical network. To do this, follow these simple steps alone or together with a friend:
1. Turn on pleasant music.
2. Stand up straight. Put your feet slightly wider apart than your shoulder width.
3. Place your palms on the lower abdomen. The right one on top of the left.
You can close your eyes and imagine yourself in a tunnel.
4. Start swinging your hips from side to side, as if pushing the walls
on the left and on the right, trying to make the corridor wider and wider.
Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Imagine
how the tunnel of your possibilities expands, turning into a wide
road running through an endless space.
5. Stretch your arms out to the sides, rotate your hands, imagining how you wind pearl necklaces on your wrists - a symbol of purity and well-being. At the same time, rotate your hips clockwise, trying to make the circles wider and wider. Feel how the energy is collected from the surrounding space and accumulates in the lower abdomen in the form of fragrant flowers.
6. Put your palms on the lower abdomen again. The left one on top of the right. Start drawing the infinity sign with your hips. Feel how you learn to manage your energy and direct it to the people you want to support. Mentally wish them well, good luck, success, and health.
7. Stop. Put your palms on your heart, close your eyes, and observe the new state for a few minutes. Mentally thank the whole world, the planet, the Higher Powers for their help and patronage.
Please do not forget about the cosmic law. Remember that the future of your family and our entire planet depends on you. You are a woman who holds in her hands a world built onlove, happiness, joy, and harmony.
Share this article or the link to the book with friends and relatives. Every single dollar will be donated to women, children, and families in need or to environmental campaigns. Together we can make our world a better place and protect it from disasters. The book “LIFE AFTER LIFE” will help you feel it and never forget.
Please, also leave your reviews about this book on Amazon: they are useful to those who are not yet familiar with this ancient knowledge, and your reviews will help people to make the right decision - to purchase the book and read it.
And the lives of these lucky ones will begin to change for the better! And the more people read the book “LIFE AFTER LIFE”, the more harmonious and bright the atmosphere of our planet will become!