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Music of transformation
for gaining power and protection

    Feel your inner woman!
    Feel real!

    In these tough times when people are getting more and more separated, the only efficient tool that can unite and heal us is Love.

    By feeling it inside and sharing it to others selflessly, we open a very powerful channel through which a strong energy flow enters our hearts and helps us discover our hidden talents and healing creativity powers, accept ourselves as we are, and find our soulfamily.

    I'm so glad you’re here. I really want our connection to support and inspire you. At this dynamic moment of our human (r)evolution, finding and maintaining distinctive and meaningful connections is crucial. Please know that in this space you are respected, loved and cherished, just like everything you are!

    I offer my work to you and the world in honor of the mystery and magic of life. Let's conquer the stormy waves together with open loving hearts, with clarity of purpose and with complete sincerity.


    In my practices, I use cosmic vibes
    and ethnic rhythms
    that give access to a special dimension
    filled with love, joy, prosperity, and health

    Through ethnic trance dances, performances, art, and music, which came from Lake Baikal and Belukha Mountain, you will unite with your soulfamily, tune your heart to the rhythm of the Universe and feel its vibes.

    Individual meetings

    Individual meetings

    That will change your life forever

    During this unique individual therapy session, I will make an energetic diagnostic of your needs and according to my divine vision, I will perform a special personal Ritual for you.

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    Morning practices

    Happy morning international practices — FREE

    Every day in Zoom, my helper angels perform sacred practices. If you want to be tuned to the positive impulses of the Universe in the morning, be sure to visit our practices.

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    Temple dance

    Temple dance for opening your life predestination

    This powerful ritual will help you discover your predestination and see how to move in the next year to fulfill it. Just concentrate while dancing and you will get wonderful insights which will guide you for the whole upcoming year.

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    sacral online course

    The power of the 12 constellations — in you

    Take your chance to go through 12 sacred rituals which will help you to create the life of your dream and realize your potential to the fullest! After this course, you will know for sure what you need to do to reach the highest enlightenment in your life.


    Music for transformation and inspiration

    Music for transformation Music for transformation

    Music of transformation for healing

    listen now
    Music for transformation Music for transformation

    Music of transformation for well-being in everything

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    Music for transformation Music for transformation

    Music of transformation for opening superpowers

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    Let's meet in person

    Participate in my upcoming offline events

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    May 2022

    May 22
    12:00 pm
    - 4:00 pm
    Show “Rhythms of the Universe”

    Offline USA, San Diego


    May 27 - May 29
    Feminine Retreat with Priestess Madonna “HEALING OF THE LINEAGE KARMA OF THE WOMB”

    Offline USA, California


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    Meet Your Guide:
    I’m Madonna!

    • Enlightened woman and temple priestess
    • Her Spiritual Master is Sri Aurobindo
    • Possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities
    • Besides, she is a leader of charity movements all over the world. Every day she helps women all around the world, with advice and deed, to become empowered, healthy, and happy
    • Madonna is the enlightened woman, who came from the star Sirius to Earth with a great mission. An enlightened Masters call Madonna “The Mother of the Earth”, because by her spiritual actions, prayers, meditations and magic rituals she strives to prevent the end of the life on the Earth
    • Charity leader, The Creator of the International Temple school, she leads the circles of Feminine Power, seminars and practices of love and mutual help all over the world. She does everything that is needed to help humanity to avoid planetary catastrophe and to reach prosperity

    Find out why thousands of people
    are enthralled by Madonna


    Stories of Student
    Transformations & Growing

    Every single day, we receive over 100 letters from students about how Madonna changed their lives. Watch student stories in our reviews section.

    My charity actions

    I regularly participate in various kinds of charity events, helping people in more than 30 countries all over the world. My mission to make everybody happy covers not only emotional, spiritual, and health aspects but also financial questions, which in our world, unfortunately, are no less important.

    Charity actions

    You can share your Love right now!

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