Individual meetings

That will change your life forever


Experience a personal meeting session with Madonna.

During this unique individual therapy session, Madonna will make an energetic diagnostic of your needs and according to her divine vision, she will perform a special personal Ritual for you.

This ritual can be a Gyud session or a Purification of the Karma of your Lineage.

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    This is an ancient method that was rediscovered by Madonna It helps to disclose the hidden abilities of the brain, the communication with the subconscious.

    During the Gyud session, you

    • may be cured of any disease;
    • discover your talents;
    • learn about your predestination, your personality;
    • establish connections with alien civilizations;
    • find your soulmate.

    It is even more effective holding the Gyud session as the personal consultation event. During the spiritual personal meeting, Madonna, using her healing skills, contacts the souls of ancestors, asking them to help with solving problems of a family spirit, to connect all the genetic virtues of a person for the best possible result.

    In personal meeting, this means the following:

    • You describe the situation with which you would like to work and develop the best results;
    • You take up the comfortable position (for example, lying on your back) and… RELAX.

    You will feel the results Immediately the personal GYUD meeting - your situation starts getting resolved, new opportunities are being disclosed and you see new horizons in your life.

    Keeping the energy alive

    To seal the energy so the effects of the session can endure, it would be the best for you to go away from society for at least 3 days. An Object of Power has to be charged for 2 or 3, making special practices to put the energy you have to Charge yourself. Be in a Holy Place, in a special astrological time (solstice or equinox) with a Wise Guide that can train you to Live the life of a True Woman of Power. With close individual attention, you will raise up your energetic level.

    You will REMEMBER your past lives as a Woman of Power which will make it easier for you to start to live like that, through your intuition and wisdom.

    During the personal meeting, you will CLEANSE, RECOVER, DIRECT AND PROTECT yourself, your loved ones and help your descendants to live their life free of your patterns.

    Give this gift to them and to yourself - sign up to Madonna individual session!

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